HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of South Naperville

5 rating

I appreciate Nicole, who was working tonight. She did a wonderful job and was very nice and patient with me.

1 rating

My haircut was absolutely pathetic. My stylist didn't listen to a word I said. I said "2 ALL AROUND ON THE SIDES AND BACK, AND LEAVE EVERYTHING ON THE TOP AND DON'T TOUCH IT". When it was done i had no clue what to say, I couldn't tell her to put my hair back, and I couldn't just not pay her cause I think I should be getting paid for how bad it was. On the right side of my head she left it completely the same which is great, but in the middle and left side she took off a good 2-3 inches. She literally didn't know English. Also the sides and back were not blended at all, there is 3 strips of hair all different lengths. When I got back home I used scissors and even my hair out myself. I spent so much time getting the top long and to a perfect length for me and she just ruined it after I specifically said nothing off the top. Please check who did this and talk with her- she was about 5'2 either M e x i c a n or Puerto Rican and doesn't talk good English. I hope this never happens again to me or any customer again.

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